Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Get a Good Deal

Having your own criminal defense lawyer will help to reduce the negative consequences of an arrest or at least minimize the fallout.

It goes without saying that nobody goes out in the evening and looks to get arrested. It is not an experience that is fun or cheap and most people actually do whatever they can to try and avoid ever having to try it. Unfortunately, mistakes are made and sometimes it is unavoidable. Those first few hours of overnight in a holding cell can be brutal and most definitely impress upon a person the desire to not spend any more time in jail. That is why the first and most important thing to do after being arrested is to find and retain a solid criminal defense lawyer. Yes, the court will provide a public defender but there are many great reasons to choose your own legal professional. 


For one thing you want someone who can dedicate the time and energy necessary to your case. Most public defenders are overworked and over burdened by a large number of different cases. A personal criminal defense lawyer will only have a few different clients at a time. He or she will be able to treat your trial with all of the devotion and severity that it warrants. They will fight hard and long to get an optimal result. 

A talented criminal defense lawyer will do whatever necessary to reduce the charges, get them dropped, or broker a plea agreement. Most charges are worked down to a lesser offense than the one for which a person was arrested. An attorney is able to approach the prosecutors and ask and barter to determine what can be done to get the best deal with the least possible negative consequences. One of the ways they do this is to ask for deferred prosecution. This is one of the best possible outcomes.


In these situations the attorney persuades the prosecution to grant a period of amnesty during which the charges will not be tried as long as the defendant fulfills certain requirements and steps. Usually it involves community service, fines and drug or alcohol treatment. What is best about it is that at the end of the period of deferral and as long as all of the requirements have been fulfilled and the defendant has not been arrested again the charges are dropped. This is great because while the person had to undergo some of the punishment they will not have a record. This allows the prosecution to hopefully reach their goal of reform and dissuasion of further illegal activity and the criminal defense lawyer gets their client a deal that allows them to remain free and not suffer negative consequences by having to admit to breaking the law on future job or other applications.

A criminal defense lawyer is not always able to get their client a perfect deal. Sometimes a history of bad behavior leads the judge and prosecution to pursue a trial and strict sentencing. In these situations an attorney is indispensable because they can help try to fight for minimal or less severe sentencing.

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